Who We Are

TDot TV began in 2005 and has been on an epic ride ever since. Our goal has always been to provide an alternative voice across the full breadth of Toronto's mainstream entertainment scene. Throughout our history, we've taken our audiences front & centre to some of the most exciting events and people in entertainment. TDot TV's history also mirrors Toronto's emergence as a world class city, coined "The New Capital of Cool" by the Huffington Post.

We Saw The Future

We are early adopters of online video, having published our first video content before the advent of social media, and around the same time that YouTube launched on the world stage. We've seen online video develop from its experimental stages to the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today, and have been on the forefront of online video for media delivery since our inception.

The People We've Met

Our interview credit list encompasses many of today's leading purveyors of culture, ranging from Film & TV (James Franco, Keanu Reeves, Scott Speedman, Nina Dobrev, Don Cheadle) to Fashion (Coco Rocha, Isaac Mizrahi, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Cutrone). We also dip into Bollywood from time-to-time having interviewed mega stars Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan. The journey has also brought us to 6 Oscar Award winners:

  • Hilary Swank
  • JK Simmons
  • James Cameron
  • Michel Hazanavicius
  • Mira Sorvino
  • Don McKellar

Authenticity Matters

Hilary Swank gave us an on-camera glimpse into her purse, Keanu Reeves talked to us about his passion for motorbikes, James Cameron told us his "Canadian sensibilities" are a big part of his success, and Kelly Rowland thanked us personally for our interview questions at the conclusion of a press conference. Authenticity matters in the digital age, and our on-air personalities bring a lot of it.

The Brands We've Worked With

For four years, TDot TV produced the TDot TV Lounge, a celebrity interview & gifting suite held during the Toronto International Film Festival. We enabled brands such as BMW Toronto and HUGO Boss to set-up activations on location, providing them the opportunity to interact directly with invited guests, which have included Ksenia Solo, Shannon Tweed Simmons, Dean McDermott, and many more. The New York based "gym to the stars", Equinox Fitness, made their Canadian media debut at the TDot TV Lounge.

Shannon Tweed-Simmons inside the TDot TV Lounge
Above: Shannon Tweed-Simmons (center) with daughter Sophie inside the TDot TV Lounge.

Connect With Us

You can find us online on Facebook and Twitter, and you can always reach us through our Contact Form to tell us about your top-line story opportunity for coverage consideration.