• 29 April 2012
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Carson Kressley in Toronto

Carson Kressley introduces Tide's brand new Pods

Introduces Tide's brand new Pods

TORONTO, April 24, 2012: Amidst the frenzy of World MasterCard fashion week, TDot TV joined a select group of editors and bloggers at Andrew Richards Designs where the stark white interior space gave way to the always colourful Carson Kressley, in town to promote the launch of Tide's brand new Pods. 

With signature drink in hand, attendees were treated to an exclusive walk-through of the biggest spring trends by one of America's most recognized fashionistas. Formerly of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame and most recently a fan favourite from the last season of Dancing with the Stars, Carson explained how bright colours and prints were on everyone's "must-have" list this season, reasons why "never has looking like a bag of Skittles been so good." 
Carson went on to admit that as a life-long Tide fanatic and lover of colourful clothes, he loved how easy the new Pods are to use and that he does indeed do his own laundry in his New York apartment:
"I love doing laundry...it's like my zen because I travel so much.  There's something very grounding about coming home and emptying your suitcase and actually doing the laundry."
After witnessing a demonstration of how Tide Pods work for either cold or hot washes, front or top-load machines, and any type of machine-washable fabric, we left the soiree in a rush to get home and try out Tide Pods for ourselves. We were not disappointed in the least!
-Sarah Sternfels