• 6 July 2012
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Salsa on St. Clair - celebrate the summer Latino Style

Salsa on St. Clair

Hit the street and celebrates the summer ‘Latino-Style’

TORONTO, July 06, 2012: Celebrate the summer Latino Style at Salsa on St. Clair.  Since it's inception in 2005, Salsa on St. Clair has attracted over 1.5 million salsa lovers to the streets of Toronto.   Enjoy this showcase of Latin life in midtown Toronto’s Hillcrest Village, between Winona Drive and Christie Street, Saturday July 7th and Sunday July 8th.

5th Annual desiFEST

TDot TV’s Sarah Sternfels took a behind the scenes look at the 5th annual desiFEST last year. One of Canada’s largest outdoor festivals returns to Toronto this Saturday. Experience the best of South Asian culture. Get desiFIED!