TDot TV Lounge named one of Fall's top events by FAJO magazine

TDot TV Lounge named one of Fall's top events by FAJO magazine

TORONTO, December 30, 2012: FAJO magazine, a digital luxury fashion publication with contributors across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, has named the 2012 TDot TV Lounge one of the top events of Fall 2012.  For the second year in a row, TDot TV hosted an interview and celebrity gifting suite inside the prestigious Bata Shoe Museum.  The guest list included the who's who of the Canadian media, entertainment and fashion industries, along with renowned Reality TV superstars such as The Bachelor Pad's Ed Swiderski and Michael Stagliano (ABC).

HELLO! Hollywood

Suit up with Indochino for the Holidays

TDot TV Founder Justin Edmead greets Actress Ksenia Solo in an Indochino suit.

TORONTO, November 27, 2011:  As a man, I often feel that I have a limited number of retail choices when it comes to men’s fashion.  Not only are the choices limited, but the available styles aren’t always to one’s liking.  I remember complaining to our Fashion Correspondent, Gail McInnes, that there simply aren’t enough choices for men.

Enter indochino, the brainchild of Co-Founders Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani.  Indochino is an online-only men’s retailer with the mandate of providing high quality custom tailored garments for men.